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1,5 million onlyfans audience
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SPARKS is the leading Onlyfans marketing and management agency.

We're a team of more than 200 professionals managing 80+ model profiles from around the world.

We provide models passive income of average $20,000 a month.
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How we work
We have a full range of tools in our arsenal - from Reddit, Tik-Tok, Twitter to paid promos inside Onlyfans and from our vast network of Instagram models.

The goal to bring your profile to the top of Onlyfans within 1-2 months, so that you could skip any waiting time and enjoy the earnings.
We develop an effective content plan based on the trends of Onlyfans and other platforms, analyzing fans’ requests of our network of models and latest social media trends.

As a result, you create only the content that is guaranteed to be interesting and craved for.
Each profile receives a dedicated crew of our top-tier sexters with a team lead in charge. They will work in 3 shifts and earn money for you 24/7.

Chats are analyzed by our quality control department, where no single detail escapes their attention.
Content creation
Here's what a model gets with our expertise, promo budgets and a bit of magic SPARKS.
And all of this hassle-free! Enjoy your payouts and let us help you with profile management.
Who are we?
Sparks is an Onlyfans marketing and management agency. We provide models passive income of average $20,000 a month.
What we do?
We take full operations under our wing: from marketing and content strategy to sexting.
The only thing the model should do is to create content - we will handle the rest.
Why should you work with an agency?
Thousands of models register on Onlyfans each day, but most of them end up with penny results.

The model is required to find fans somewhere (trying to keep  friends and relatives unaware about what you do).

Then you need to shoot hours of content that fans might not find of such a value.

At the end of the day, account management should be treated like real work, often without days off and dedicating up to 18 hours a day.

When a model thinks about making money on Onlyfans, her fantasies are far from a 12-hour workday.
What is my role as a model?
90% of the work on Onlyfans is on our side: from advertising to sales in private messages. The only thing left for the model to do is to create content and receive monthly payments.
How much will I earn?
The income of the model depends on the turnover of her profile. The more content we have and the faster the model responds to requests for new material, the higher the earning potential.

All expenses for promotion and advertising, training of sexters, salaries for sexters, commissions etc are on our side.

Our average models earn $3000 to $7000 monthly (net).
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